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10 Swords – Slow down

It’s Wednesday and that means the podcast is up! As we move away from Mercury retrograde and the moons waxes it’s time to slow down.

Let us know what you think we love hearing from you!

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8 of Cups

February 24, 2021

It is time to consider a change or to shift things up a bit.

8 of cups indicates preparation for coming changes. Though the change may be in the future today you can consider what you no longer love.

What do you no longer enjoy, love or benefit from?

Once you know the answer to the question then you can ask yourself: what excites me? What do I love to do?

Now start dreaming, imagining, and creating in your minds eye.

It will soon be time to put your dreams into action.

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I The Magician

February 23, 2021

Logic often usurps the magical. Take a moment to notice that alchemy is everywhere.

One day you start school and soon enough you are in a lab discovering a cure for disease.

You might have an idea for a business and it comes to fruition.

What alchemy do you notice?


IX The Hermit

February 22, 2021

The external world is mired in layer upon layer of illusion.

The soul calls out for you to look inward.

For a moment you may touch, metaphorically, the all and nothing.

The hermit will take you to: “Life is real only then when I am” (G.I. Gurdjieff)



February 21, 2021

Shine on today. Your brilliance will be noted.

Even more powerfully you can do some internal work. Notice what percentage you put yourself into the center of your OWN life.

What percentage do you put others in the center of your life?

How much you talk about others and their actions?

How much do you think of others and their needs?

Are you self-involved or involved with Self?

Are you self-serving or in Service to Self?

Where do you stand as the star in your life?

Curtesy of City Tarot Deck