Strength XI

Sunday the 15th of July 2018
Strength XI
You may not know your strength. You might want to ask yourself why you forge onward in life? You may surprise yourself. 
You may even find the source of your strength is something quite different than what you think.
If you have not checked in with yourself recently or in the last years take time this Sunday to review why you continue. Is it family, friends, creating, grinding out your next novel, singing in the shower, the first sip of coffee in the morning, the hug of a loved one, tending your garden, et al? 
You may just find out where your strength really comes from.

5 of Swords

Saturday the 14th of July 2018
5 of Swords
   – Photo by JakeWilliamHeckey on Pixabay
Alright so not everything goes the way you want or expect it to. If you have done any kind of real thinking you likely have already surmised that your expectations will lead to disappointment. If you haven’t, then be ready to be disappointed.
You may become defensive. You may think your disappointment is the fault of others. You may think “they” need to take responsibility for “your” feelings. You may become pushy, aggressive, a know it all, trying to get others to take responsibility for your feelings.  Good luck with that. You most likely will expect them to do just that. Your expectation will lead to more disappointment. Well you can see the prediction coming. You will be the very perpetrator of your own suffering. In actuality you are worsening inevitable suffering. 
You may befriend the 5 of Swords. You may notice your own suffering and serve yourself by alleviating it. How so you may ask? For one, having the courage to take an unpopular decision yet the most pragmatic.
You could stop being dishonest with yourself and others. 
You could stop saying that your thoughts are feelings. 
You could actually recognize a feeling as a feeling and a thought as a thought. Easier said than done with most.
You could formulate your own ideas rather than spew the ideas of others. The media seems to have to greatest control of your mind.
I could go on and on, it is a 5 of thoughts day after all, but I will leave you to think of your own ways to alleviate suffering.
Good Day.

Wheel of Fortune

Friday the 13th of July 2018
Wheel of Fortune
     -Photo from Pexels
Friday the 13th and the Wheel of Fortune all in one shot. That explains the tardiness of this post. You never know what will happen when the Wheel shows up. The 13th also has the unpredictable attached to it.  
Sit back and relax there is nothing you can do to change things today. Take it in your stride. If it is a bad or really bad day then use all the tools you have in your tool box to deal with and help you release. If you have no tools then ask for help.
One thing to note is: asking for help is not dependent on the person who is doing the helping. It is still your responsibility. Check in with yourself and notice how much you want the help. If it is a half hearted effort then it won’t be helpful.
If you really want help and are ready to make some form of commitment to yourself then you will receive help. 
Then again today is the wheel of fortune. You may just be lucky and take what has been given freely today or lose the whole bet.

Ace of Fire

Thursday the 12th of July 2018
Ace of Fire
You are going to be hit by the kiss of fire. A creative surge or booty call is on the menu for today. 
Careful about being with anyone who is serious, the fire will burn you or them.
If you are taken by a creative urge, let it burn, write, paint, draw, create. You may need to toss a lot in the trash bin so allow the creative flow to run its course.
Again do not take yourself seriously ..yet…

6 of Cups

Wednesday the 11th of July 2018
6 of Cups
Photo by sasint on Pixabay
This week continues with the water element.  Today 6 entices you with the sweetness of abundance.  
Everything you need is supplied by nature and if not you then have the wisdom to find solutions.
Today you might consider that there are some in the world who are truly subject to the ravages of nature or terrible regimes. If you take responsibility for yourself you will support those who do not have. If you think rising above victimhood is not magical then you have not tried it. 
Truly take responsibility for yourself and your life and watch the magic ensue.