March 27, 2018

Mercury retrograde started on the 23rd. The Blue Moon is on the 31st.  And smack dab between the start of Mercury going retrograde and the Blue moon the Tower shows up. Get ready folks is it going to be a bumpy ride lasting approximately 2 weeks, petering off after the full moon.

Time to step back from conflicts. Take it easy on yourself and those around you. Arguments can bubble to the surface rapidly without even knowing where they came from.

Walk in nature, sit in your garden, breathe. If you cannot get out due to disabilities and/or living in the cold. Enjoy a plant, your pet, or sit quietly in a room without stimuli, or focus on a plain wall.

Compassion will get you through this. Neediness will take you down with it.


The Star

Make a wish and follow your dreams.

Are you playing the staring role in your life?

Are you fully responsible?

Then you can do anything.

Happy Sunday.

Are you burning out your fire?

If you are feeling exhausted today rest. If you are raring to go, tune into yourself and make sure you aren’t running on fumes or excess adrenal cortisol.

9 Of Batons rules the day. Be gentle, caring, compassionate with yourself.


Hello Darlings…

It’s Friday the 23rd of March 2018.


The Queen of Cups has graced us with her presence. She lets us know that we can have mastery over our emotions.  As humans walking through this adventure we can falter or, through our own negligence, make things worse.

The Queen of Cups shows us how to gracefully walk through our failures. She does not succumb to her emotions and cry out victimhood. She rises above, pulling us along with her, she is beauty, love, harmony, and equanimity. Trust in her. When you fall you will NOT make things worse, you willpick yourself up and step back into the adventure. Gracefully tip toeing around the debris and starting again.

Enjoy your weekend!





Spring is here..

6 of staves was drawn today. March 22 2018

Breathe in deeply the first day of spring or fall if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

The verse’s wisdom is supporting your own.

Since I am so late with today’s pick I wish you a beautiful restful evening filled with joy.