9 of Wands


The 9 of Wands (Fire)


You may have gone to the extreme this week-or you may have been burning the candle at both ends for much longer.  9 of wands denotes oppression. Guess who your primary oppressor is?  If you said yourself,  then ding ding ding,  you would be correct.

Today ask yourself: What do I gain from:

Being right?



Doing everything?

“well if I do not do it, who will?”

Then ask:

What would happen if you let go?

Is it possible you would be healthier, happier and have better orgasms?

9 of wands highlights how you oppress yourself as well as giving you the opportunity to look at possibility, sans martyrdom and victimhood.



Ace of Cups

Your heart is expanding along with spring. It needs space to receive all the love it can!

If you have not started loving yourself then begin today. Explore what love means. Loving yourself is being gentle. Loving yourself is not pushing. Loving yourself is telling your thoughts thanks for doing what you do mind, but I am doing something else now. Loving yourself is breathing when you have been holding your breathe. Loving yourself is being conscious of being not doing.



7 of Swords



7 of Swords(Air)

The 7th day God Rested.


A little caution is required today. Make sure your discernment is working well. Start by eating light fare today. Your small intestine should have the best environment to make its gut decisions. If you are not well, then do not make decisions today.

Actually we would all be well advised to heed the 7 of Swords and do nothing. Life happens despite any efforts on our part. Oh, that might have triggered many of you into some nihilistic rant. Relax, doing nothing is complete engagement without effort.

You may find you are blind to the motives of others. If you have been suckered in the past, lay low today. If you are anything like me you may ignore your gut for some “Jesus Christ” or “messianic” complex requiring you to be good, or take care of the world.  Or even worse you may feel guilty about the misfortunes of others whilst labelling your guilt virtue.    If you think you can make anyone do or feel anything; or others can make you do or feel anything then you are stuck in some narcissistic omniscience.  Today for at least one moment, just STOP IT. You may find you can actually listen, you may notice there is more to life than your need to push yourself and everyone around.

Yes I know there are a bunch of you saying, I do not push anyone around, I am the one pushed around. Get a grip on yourself, without your consent no one can be a victim. Terrible things have happened to me, to you, and you can always find someone who has had it worse. The one thing that defines the victim is event. Those who do not define themselves by an event are free to move on with their scars and pain.

So sit back and take in life the good, bad and the ugly.  Life is a happening and we are not the doer.

7 is the Epitome of:

Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof


Queen Of Cups (water)

The Queen of Cups (water) has all grown up since yesterday. Today you can revel in your accomplishments. You have faced your codependency. You are standing at the water’s edge tempering your emotions, as you now know better.

Of course the Queen challenges you to engage fully in an experience without becoming the experience. As the waters flow so do your emotions, no need to do anything, b e i n g, is all there is.

Today a quote from Nisargadatta is apropos:

“No need to push life about.”

If your emotions are all over the place time to check your hormones, just in case. If your hormones are fine, then you may need to talk to a therapist, we always need help at some point in our lives if we want to reign over our emotional world. Some more options: Acupuncture, BodyTalk,  BreakThrough or whatever your pleasure.

Time for your feminine to grow up and become the Queen. You may choose to be the Princess only when you have mastered your emotions. Your choice will then be out of preference not ignorance.  Remember this is not about men or women, it is about the masculine and feminine within each of us.






Princess of Water

Princess of Water (cups) has an inkling that her emotions come from a source beyond her control. She courageously jumps into the unknown.  When guided by divinity she fails, gets up, brushes herself off, and  seeks possibility in the unknown.

When guided and enslaved by her intellect and fails then her emotions are enmeshed and fueled by thinking. She stagnates, her thoughts falsely translated into feelings. The mind hypnotically leads her by the nose convincing her thoughts are feelings and vice versa.   The water muddies, she becomes lost in the cesspool of ignorance.

Today your job is to free your princess from her misperceptions. Discernment is a quality of the heart (CUPS). Discern the difference between a thought and feeling. You may just be surprised at how many misconceptions you have.