9 of coins

March 21 2018 Luxuriate today. Feel every cell in your body absorbing the plenty of the verse.

Let go of the old as the waning moon progresses.

Good day eh.

Tuesday’s Pick

March 20, 2018


Inverted 8 of Swords:

swords08 Inverted,jpg


Has your mind taken over? Do you think analyzing a thought will resolve anything? If you replied yes to either of those your mind has gone into overwhelm.

Time to step back, take a breath. Go on a quiet vacation or Vipassana retreat.

The image shows a female tied up. If your thoughts take over your intuition is tied up or suffocated.

Take your time today. It is the perfect time to just drop everything. Stop listening to your thoughts though they prattle on like a harpy shrew. Enjoy a movie, have a quiet day and evening. Take a bath, sit in your man/woman cave.

I mean it!

King of Cups

king of cups web copy

 March 18, 2018

The King of Cups lets you know it is time to honour yourself and the verse will respond in kind.

If you are single and want to be in a relationship:  you might consider it time to accept yourself as you are. No more second guessing or criticizing yourself. Once you honestly and responsibly have a relationship with yourself then watch the magic happen …the King of Cups will be there for you.

If you are in a relationship, time to reassess what you value or renew your vows.

If you are on your own and do not want a relationship time to take stock of whether your feminine is supporting your masculine and vice versa.

Finally, you may be just fine. Today is your day to revel in your own accomplishments.


xoxoxoxo tea






March 17, 2018


The Sun signals readiness to create. Your life force is rising supporting manifestation. If you are tired then your sun might be setting, take care to rest today. If you feel the sun or your energy rising, allow the flow to guide you. Do not force anything, creative fire can be hot and burn you.

As the day comes to an end, take care to tend to your energies.



Wheel of Fortune

Zombie Tarot Deck Wheel of Fortune


March 16th, 2018.

Today’s card  is The Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel of fortune goes round and round and where it stops no body knows.

Today’s fortune is best guess or luck of the draw. The Wheel of Fortune tells us the future is not set in stone.

Tomorrow the  geomagnetic storm will be upon us, as will the new moon. The storm may be a blessing in disguise. It can confuse the mind and nervous system. What a great moment to get out of your head. The new moon will support letting go of what no longer serves.

It might be time to ask yourself: What direction am I going in? Am I on the path I choose to be on? Am I wasting my life in a dead end job?  Am communicating clearly with others? Are my needs and objectives clearly stated? Am I throwing my life away? Have I taken responsibility for my roles in life?

The next few days is the opportunity to set intentions for the next month.  Shift your focus onto what you do want. Be clear. Be open. Stop being a slave to your thoughts. Be responsible. Stop whining and be practical in your word and action.

The Wheel of Fortune ultimately says that you are responsible. The most liberating feeling eh? Where in your life do you need to step up to the plate?