Wheel of Fortune

Zombie Tarot Deck Wheel of Fortune


March 16th, 2018.

Today’s card  is The Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel of fortune goes round and round and where it stops no body knows.

Today’s fortune is best guess or luck of the draw. The Wheel of Fortune tells us the future is not set in stone.

Tomorrow the  geomagnetic storm will be upon us, as will the new moon. The storm may be a blessing in disguise. It can confuse the mind and nervous system. What a great moment to get out of your head. The new moon will support letting go of what no longer serves.

It might be time to ask yourself: What direction am I going in? Am I on the path I choose to be on? Am I wasting my life in a dead end job?  Am communicating clearly with others? Are my needs and objectives clearly stated? Am I throwing my life away? Have I taken responsibility for my roles in life?

The next few days is the opportunity to set intentions for the next month.  Shift your focus onto what you do want. Be clear. Be open. Stop being a slave to your thoughts. Be responsible. Stop whining and be practical in your word and action.

The Wheel of Fortune ultimately says that you are responsible. The most liberating feeling eh? Where in your life do you need to step up to the plate?

The Priestess: March 15, 2018



Yesterday the Princess of Coins and today The Priestess. The priestess tends to to dive deeper into the rabbit hole than the superficial needs and concerns of the younger Princess of Coins.  The youthful princess may have asked:”what will I manifest?” “What do I want to spring into being?” Today the Priestess pushes her to query further: ” What wisdom have I attained? Do my actions reflect my wisdom? Do I ask pointed questions? Do I listen to the answers? Who am I? Am I honest with myself?”

The Priestess may be urging you to let go of childish things and find out who you are not? A journey that has no end but sheds the layers of misperceptions of self.

The Priestess may be a teacher, someone wiser giving you a message that you have not heretofore heeded. It may be your husband, your wife, a friend, your boss, even your child.

AS we come into spring and the feminine pushes a seed to grow and flowers to bloom we are called to flourish as well. Listen to the signs. Listen to the spring. Listen to those who have something to say, they may surprise you. The priestess can be a harsh teacher but her love is profound.





March 14, 2018

Princess of Disks bPrincess of Disks:


How appropriate the Princess of Discs shows up only 3 days before the new moon and the Group sessions on Money.

The Princess is the tiny seed within us urging us to discover rhythms and cycles of the Earth. Her youth and innocence are open to explore the adventure of the earth’s abundance. She knows there are dangers. At the same time she must forge forward so she can manifest her dreams.

Today is a day to tune into your inner Princess of Discs(earth). She calls you pay attention. She asks that you learn the natural laws and use them to your benefit to overcome the fragility of life.

5 of Cups: Card for March 13, 2018

Are you down in the dumps today?

Do you feel depleted?

Are you saddened by how life has turned out?

Do you feel helpless or despair?

Does this result in depression?

When the 5 of Cups turns up in a reading:

Ignorance needs to be transmuted into wisdom.


Ask yourself:

Have I taken responsibility my feelings?

Do I expect others take responsibility for my feelings?

Am I fearful to live my own life?

Do I wallow in self-pity?

Is guilt more important than living my own life?

Am I stepping into my life’s adventure?

Do I know what I want?

Do I have compassion for myself?