Advanced Tarot Course Starts Monday!


Day: Every Monday in July (2,9,16,23, 30), 2018

Venue: 4748 Victoria Avenue

Time: 6PM-9PM

Course will cover:

  • Review of the numbers and suits
  • Review of the Major Arcana
  • Interaction between the court cards
  • Readings
  • Study of a Fairy Tale in relationship to the Tarot to improve your Story telling skills.

Price of the course: $250.00

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Strength XI

The 28th of June 2018
Strength XI
A lion does not prove his strength, the lion just rips you to shreds. The rest of the day, about 20 hours of it, the lion sleeps.
Hummmm…..What about you?
Are you proving you are strong?
Are you strong?
Do you doubt your strength?
How do you know you are strong?
What in the heck is strength?
One place to start is:
Do you shoulder your burden with grace?
Do you whine and complain about your burdens?
Are you responsible for others and irresponsible to yourself?
Are your burdens your master?
Do your burdens serve you?
Chew on that whilst the rest of us Lions sleep.

2 of Earth

The 27th of June 2018
Two of Earth (coins)
When the elements are attuned to one extreme then extreme conditions ensue. Today you are asked to balance earth. The Yin and Yang or our masculine and feminine need to be honoured within before we can take action to build anything, from relationships to career.
Take stock of how the earth itself adapts to its cycles. Sometimes there is drought and at others abundance. When the 2 of earth or coins appears, we must save, sacrifice for the future and our survival or indulge. You must learn when and where you must sacrifice.
Your words must be tempered today. What you want to say may be rudimentary, undeveloped, or bolstered by personal trauma. If you are coming from a place of “feeling right” you can be certain that you are likely coming from a false place karmically and universally. Your personal experience is no more righteous than the personal experience of another. The beauty of expressing ourselves is that cues, clues, and responses from another can support tempering your resentment, vindictiveness and jealousy. You can learn to see the flaws in your own perspective and have a clearer view to the truth.
The 2 of Coins(earth) asks you to shift your perspective and seek the truth.

King of Water

Tuesday the 26th of June 2018
King of Water
The King of Cups brings compassion and wisdom into your day. He lets you know you are to temper your actions with your heart.
That does not mean you are  push over, the heart is clear and honest. When heart speaks it stuns the mind into silence. Defensiveness, excuses, reasons, justifications, and constant “blah blah blah” fall away to reveal truth.
If you find yourself consistently defending your position you are lost in your defensive mind. Tune into the King of Cups, he will guide you to silence wherein you will hear your heart.

The Lovers VI

June 25, 2018


The Lovers VI

The warmth of your lover holding your body when you are wracked with physical or emotional pain has no comparison. When life is going well we feel all kinds of wonderful things for ourselves and those we love. When things are going south there is nothing like a strong partner to pull you up and out of your difficulty. Ultimately you have to that alone but someone beside you is the nectar of the Gods.

Today and for the whole week, dig deep within and  find the gratitude for those who have held you tight, felt your pain, struggled whilst you struggled, loved you in ways you may not have loved yourself. Then do the same, love yourself deeply and strongly.


Your love will then overflow to everyone around you.

Happy Monday and St. Jean Baptiste.