Thursday the 26th of July 2018
If you have been following these posts you may have noticed a trend. I have to confess that often I have picked a card and wanted to put it back!  Along with the sameness of the messages of the cards has been an oppressive heat in the city. I kept feeling something had to give and it finally has.
Today Death, personally my favourite, has finally shown itself.  I did not even realize that I had been awaiting its appearance till today. What a wonderful sense of relief.  All the hard work, perseverance, sweat and tears we have put in to make changes is finally paying off.

If you are anything like me you are taking a deep inhalation and an exhalation. What sweet relief.

So here we go on this wild ride of transformation. I would love to hear your shifts, changes, and transformations.
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Ace of Staves

Wednesday the 25th of July 2018
Ace of Staves
A hot card for HUMP day.
Can you feel the fire rising to the surface? Your creativity is opening up. It can burn strong or be subtle. How ever it manifests for you tend to it with care.
It might be a very sexual day temper it with sensuality.
There is a tendency to burn yourself out. Be kind to your body.
#relationshipgoals #love #selfhelp #creativity #kindness #gentleness #sex #sexuality #sensuality #addiction

The Hierophant V

Tuesday the 24th of July 2018
V- The Hierophant
     -Photo from pixabay
When the Hierophant shows up you are either ready to share your wisdom or you still have a lot to learn.
But how do you know which?
This is one of many similar stories:
Querent: How long have you been reading Tarot?
Reader: I have been reading and studying Tarot for 29 years
Querent: I have been reading for the last 2 years.
Reader: Wonderful.
Querent: What do these cards say?
Reader: You will open a business in 10 years.
Querent: You are quite stupid. I will never start a business.
Reader: I certainly can be wrong. Only the future will tell.
Querent: You are a stupid and terrible reader. You are now covering your ass.
Exactly 10 years later:
Querent: Do you remember me?
Reader: Yes.
Querent: I yelled at you.
Reader: Yes you did.
Querent: I listened to the recording and I was quite awful.
Reader: This happens when the mind is rigid.
Querent: It came true.
Reader: What did?
Querent: You said I would open a business in 10 years. I just did. I wanted to say sorry to you.
The querent giggles….

The Hermit IX

Monday the 23rd of July 2018
The Hermit IX
     -Photo By AjayGoel
The Hermit isn’t an easy one to incorporate into your life when you are a city dweller.  Most urbanites are running around: paying the bills, working, spending time in traffic, taking care of the kids, cleaning house, shopping, cooking, working out, tending to relationships, caring for the home, et al. 
How do you incorporate the Hermit in your life?
1-Spend time alone each day. 
2-Have your own space.
3-Go out into nature.
4-Find your Guru, practitioner, and/or  teacher to show you the light.