Summer Advanced Tarot Course

Summer Advanced Tarot Course

Every Monday in July


Course will cover:

  • Review of the numbers and suits
  • Review of the Major Arcana
  • Interaction between the court cards
  • Readings
  • Study of a Fairy Tale in relationship to the Tarot to improve your Story telling skills.

Price of the course: $250.00

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South Africa

Venue and City to be Announced.

Free Public Talk: February 8th, 2019

Course will follow Feb 9-10, 2019

Cost of the course is $400.00CDN

Contact:  for registration form

Workbook is included in the course.

You must bring your own Tarot deck. Please ensure you are using Tarot cards: 78 cards total, 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana. Simple decks to start with are Rider-Waite, Crowley Tarot, Tarot de Marseilles.

Coordinator in South Africa: Gillian Higginson